Exeer Story

Our story begins with producing ancient health remedies: Non-alcoholic Botanical Beverage.

We started Exeer with the vision to reimagine floral waters, which have been used for thousands of years, dating back to ancient times and used by kings, queens, and royalties across history. They have been used traditionally in beauty products and food and drink products. They come with plenty of potential health benefits.

Our priorities include introducing more innovative botanicals, reducing our sugar content, and creating opportunities to expand our production capacity. We’re passionate about our process and products and know that only good things are to come!

Many of Exeer’s ingredients were inspired by founders Ramin and Mahboob. The idea behind Exeer came from summer 2018 while sitting in a coffee shop near the Mediterranean sea and enjoying some tasty botanical drinks. The mixture of smells and flavors inspired bright plant-based infusions in the new line with re-imagined beverages, Rosewater, Mint water, Neroli water and Pussy willow water, and other nature-inspired pairings such as Maple syrup.

Ramin and Mahboob created a line of beverages that marries ancient tradition with modern life. Their mission was to incorporate grade-A ingredients and create a product that works for everyone and everywhere.