Why Exeer brand over others?

The short answer is our Unique Beverage Concept!

The long answer is that most well-known functional beverages are used to boost energy, enhance the immune system, or increase the sense of well-being. These are marketed as sports drinks, energy drinks, enhanced fruit drinks, and enhanced water.  What is missing on the existing functional beverages is “botanical-based” beverages called Hydrosol or Floral water.

We at Exeer also knew that the only way we can be successful in the crowded beverage market is the point of difference​ of our brand. It is evident that there has been much innovation in the beverage category. However, many new beverage brands don’t stand out enough to make a real difference in the consumer space. To stand out, our focus was developing a unique, healthy, plant-based, and tasty blend of ingredients, which has a root in ancient history and was never noticed in western countries. Our ingredients are distilled hydrosols that have thousands of years of tradition in Mediterranean countries, and we believe that we can meet our target audience’s needs with our new formulations. They will cross the road to buy our ready-to-drink products rather than accepting what’s immediately on offer.